Posted by: Jeff | May 2, 2011

Al Qaeda’s Death Knell?

When the glue that binds disparate interests within radical Islamic extremism evaporates, what happens to al Qaeda’s vast global network?  According to Daniel Byman, it could well fracture into pieces no longer able or willing to work together:

[…] bin Laden’s shoes will be hard to fill. Recruitment and fundraising may suffer as a result as wealthy donors give their money to other causes while impressionable youth take up more local fights or, better yet, stay home.

The lack of a charismatic leader may create fissures in a movement always prone to them.  Like-minded affiliate groups in Yemen, Algeria, and elsewhere may become even more independent, reducing al Qaeda’s global reach.

Worth the full read.



  1. I was reading another article last night suggesting just the opposite, but it was written a few months ago. Let’s hope that your more-recent update is more-correct.

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