Posted by: Jeff | April 20, 2011

More on the Stunning Originality of Top 40

Andrew Sullivan is sick and tired of Lady Gaga’s gimmicks:

But I am simply not going to discuss Lady Gaga in the context of Cline, Springsteen or Lennon. This latest “diva” is a costume in search of musical innovation. And what’s dismaying about this latest stunt is not its bravery (ha!) or its wit (please) but its dumb derivative barrel-scraping predictability. Madonna was sometimes prey to this, but a song and video like “Like A Prayer” actually did assert a form of spirituality that challenged a church grown stale. It had its moments. Gaga is a pale, plagiarizing echo of this. There’s a particularly irritating appropriation of gay culture for general consumption, perhaps guiltily over-compensated by Gaga’s crashing every gay rights event known to man. Perhaps this happens with every civil rights movement. In the end, the outsiders raid the insiders and give it back to them at 0.99 cents on iTunes. And I sure wouldn’t stop anyone on this well-trodden path.

But sometimes, it gags. I mean: “Born This Way” was daring – even moving – when sung by Valentino and Carl Bean in the 1970s. Gaga makes everything she touches profoundly, commercially safe.

And no, Ms Germanotta. Ciccone you ain’t.


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