Posted by: Jeff | April 20, 2011

Delusions of Grandeur

Yahoo’s Scott Pianowski throws a whole glass of cold water on expectations for the Minnesota Twins’ 2011 campaign:

You try not to react strongly to a three-week sample, but I think the Minnesota Twins are in big, fat trouble. The 6-11 Twins are currently the lowest-scoring team in the majors (Jake Arrieta and two relievers blanked them Tuesday), and there’s a dark cloud over the five most important players on the roster. Joe Mauer is on the DL, as you know, while Francisco Liriano is battling velocity issues and ineffectiveness. Joe Nathan is in a total funk — he allowed a three-run homer to Vladimir Guerrero on Tuesday, pushing his ERA to 11.37 — while Delmon Young (.566 OPS) and a flu-ridden Justin Morneau (.552 OPS) aren’t producing.

Head down the pecking order a bit and you’ll come to the middle infield, where Tsuyoshi Nishioka broke a leg two week ago and Alexi Casilla is off to a .120 start. Ron Gardenhire has only one losing record in nine seasons since taking over the team, but I don’t see this being anything past a .500 team in 2011, if that.


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