Posted by: Jeff | April 12, 2011

Disunion, Cont’d.

I’ve highlighted The New York Times’ Disunion blog once before, but now that the 150th anniversary of hostilities between the Union and the Southern Confederacy is upon us, I want to again plug this amazing source of historical treasures.

Another daily blog, The Long Recall, curated by The American Interest, offers brief overviews of the major developments each day 150 years ago, as well as links to many of the primary documents that have survived over time that offer context and color to our remembrance of history.  For example, a correspondent of The New York Times wrote on this day in 1861:

The friends of Slavery should remember that a Government has the right to maintain its position and legitimate authority at any sacrifice to those who oppose it and if Slavery attempts to obstruct the wheels of Government, Slavery will be compelled to give way.

As the debate continues over the origins and causes of our nation’s greatest conflict, it is interesting to read it play out in real time as it did in 1861 in the pages of the nation’s newspapers and the words of its citizenry.  With daily blog posts highlighting the stories and individuals that make up this seminal period in American history, both The Long Recall and Disunion will continue to be fascinating reads for the next four years.


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