Posted by: Jeff | February 14, 2011

Arcade Fire, Radiohead, and LCD Soundsystem

Three items of great news for music fans:

  1. Arcade Fire accepted the Grammy award for Best Album of 2010 last night, with Win Butler exclaiming into the microphone, “What the hell?”  A question many may have been silently asking, what with the Grammy Awards’ reputation for recognizing album sales over album cohesiveness.  As an added bonus, Arcade Fire gave an encore performance to round out the ceremony that also saw Cee-Lo Green steal the show from Lady Gaga and Janelle Monae give the most energetic performance of the evening.  Not bad for a show that led with live performances by Gaga and Justin Bieber.
  2. Radiohead announced via Twitter this morning that they are finally finished with their oft-rumored new album, which will be made available for digital download as early as Saturday.  As exciting as new material from Radiohead is, the idea that they might hit the road again (Lollapalooza?) is even better.
  3. James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem was… unhappy… about a high number of tickets for LCD Soundsystem’s announced last ever show immediately hitting third-party ticket distributor websites like Stubhub.  News from a multitude of fans who tried and failed to get tickets to the going-away party dismayed him even further, so he adopted a novel strategy for under-cutting the price of tickets and forcing scalpers to lower costs – flood the market with more available seats.  By announcing four more shows in New York City that same week, Murphy did his fans a great service by ensuring that many more will have the chance to see his legendary band one last time – and for a reasonable cost, too.  For more on what happened with the ticket release, see this sensible post.

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