Posted by: Jeff | February 7, 2011

Best Super Bowl Commercial of 2011

I’ve written a bit about the strangest Super Bowl commercial, as well as the proliferation of horrible movie trailers this year.  So I promise this is the last Super Bowl-related post in this space – I’m certainly not going to comment on the disappointing outcome of the game.

My favorite commercial stood out from the admittedly funny offerings from Doritos and Pepsi, not for its own hilarity, but for its somberness.  There was a touch of cheesiness in Chrysler’s 2-minute spot (8 Mile, really?), but I thought the commercial touched all the right notes about urban renewal, American spirit, and innovation.  Touching on Detroit’s urban blight, Chrysler turned it into a broader point about resilience and perseverence in the face of adversity.  Yes, Detroit has been devastated by a changing economic climate, but Chrysler is showing a commitment to rising from the ashes in a renewed pursuit of the rags to riches story.  And they’re doing it hand in hand with Detroit, an element of the commercial I found pretty touching.

Not bad for a company that was German-owned just two years ago.



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