Posted by: Jeff | February 3, 2011

“A Second Wave of Arab Liberation”

Live coverage of the Egyptian protests and counter-protests have been transfixing all week, with many experts and non-experts alike offering prognoses for the future of Egypt and the broader Islamic world.  This one, just posted on al-Jazeera’s live-blogging of events in Egypt, is particularly compelling:

Basheer Nafi, a historian, tells Al Jazeera: “My feeling is that we are witnessing a second wave of the Arab liberation movement … In the first wave, the Arabs liberated themselves from colonial powers and foreign domiantion. I think now, the very heart of the Arab world, the backbone of the Arab world, is leading the move towards freedom and democracy and human rights.

I’ve spent so much time watching and so little writing that I realize I haven’t commented on Tunisia or Egypt, so I’ll try and summarize some of my thoughts in a future post.


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