Posted by: Jeff | November 9, 2010

New Albums Today

Who knew that November would be such a treasure trove for new music?  LCD Soundsystem, one of my absolute favorite bands, has today released a live in-studio album hot on the heels of a successful touring season.  It’s a blistering record, and showcases the awesome funk and intensity of a band truly zoned in when performing live.

Additionally, the new Cee-Lo album is incredible.  Most seem to know Cee-Lo through his work on vocals for Goodie Mobb and Gnarls Barkley, but this live album could be the true testament to his musical range and versatility.  There’s a bit of everything on this album – retro cuts reminiscent of the best of Motown, a little Synthpop, and some more traditional R&B numbers for good measure.  It’s a fantastic album, and a late addition to album of the year discussions.  Along with Janelle Monae’s release earlier this year, this album seems to be in the vanguard of a new and very awesome direction for neo-soul and funky R&B.

So what does the rest of the month have in store?  Well, a “lost” Bruce Springsteen album and a widely anticipated new offering from Kanye, for starters.  After a rather paltry October, November is a veritable bonanza of solid new releases.


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