Posted by: Jeff | November 5, 2010

Clearly, Mitch McConnell Reads This Blog

After reading The New Millennial yesterday, I can only assume that presumptive Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell realized the uphill battle he would face if he set aim on repealing health care reform.

From Politico:

“We may not be able to bring about straight repeal in the next two years, and we may not win every vote against targeted provisions, even though we should have bipartisan support for some,” McConnell said during a Thursday speech at the Heritage Foundation. “But we can compel administration officials to attempt to defend this indefensible health spending bill and other costly, government-driven measures, like the stimulus and financial reform.”
I can only assume that Politico truncated the part of that quote where McConnell noted that TARP was actually passed by George W. Bush’s Republican administration and that three members of his caucus voted for FinReg cloture.


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