Posted by: Jeff | November 1, 2010

Monday Mixtape XXIX – The Boss

This may be a cop-out, but this week’s Monday Mixtape is brought to you by NPR’s First Listen feature, perfect listening for your candy-induced Halloween hangover.  They provide streaming audio of new releases weeks before official availability.  They do a great job of offering variety of musical selections, giving listeners the chance to sample albums from some of the best artists in a wide range of genres.

This week, NPR is featuring Bruce Springsteen’s lost album, The Promise, originally recorded in the midst of a record label dispute following the mainstream success of 1975’s Born to Run:

Listen here.

This was a period of wonderful artistic creation by The Boss, and by the time the dispute was settled, he had more than 70 songs written and recorded.  Obviously not all could be included on his next album, so many of the tracks were assembled into an album of leftovers.  Now that they’ve finally resurfaced and are being released in their entirety, we learn that the lost album is just as good as those that saw the light of day – and in many ways, represents an unheard side from the height of Springsteen’s song-writing career.

That isn’t to say that there aren’t familiar songs here – I was surprised to recognize “Because the Night”, a track I associate with Patti Smith and Natalie Merchant and hadn’t even realized Bruce had written.  Or “Fire”, a track made famous by The Pointer Sisters.  For fans of Bruce, folk, rock, and good song-writing, the release of The Promise is a boon, and NPR should be commended for giving listeners a free preview.

First Listen: Bruce Springsteen

Also worth checking out on NPR’s First Listen this week – Cee-Lo Green’s new album, The Lady Killer.



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