Posted by: Jeff | October 27, 2010

What the 2010 Midterm Elections Are All About

From the mouth of Sen. Al Franken (D-MN):

Partial transcript below the fold:


FRANKEN: I think the analogy that the economy was a car in a ditch when he took office, that he uses, is just a little too static. Here’s my analogy, which is both more kinetic, and frankly far more accurate.

When the president took office, not only had the car gone into a ditch, the car had flipped over, and was rolling down a steep embankment.

We, the American people, were in the back seat, and the Bush administration had removed all the seat belts. So we were all flying around the interior of this car, as it was rolling and flipping and careening down this steep embankment and headed to a 2,000-foot cliff. And at the bottom of that cliff were jagged rocks.

And alligators.

Now on noon of January 20th, 2009, as the car was careening toward the cliff, George W. Bush jumped out of the car.

President Bush jumped out of the car — and President Obama somehow managed to dive in through the window, take the wheel, and get control of the vehicle just inches before it went over the precipice. Then, he and Congress started pushing this wreck back up the embankment.

Now, you can’t push a car up an embankment as fast as it careens down an embankment. But we got it going in the right direction — and slowly, we got ourselves up that embankment, past the ditch, up on the shoulder of the road.

There. That is what happened. That’s where we are today.

But you wouldn’t know that from these ads, all these smear ads, all these deliberately misleading ads — all these ads that are paid for by organizations led by people like Karl Rove. And we don’t know exactly where the money’s coming from, but we can guess: From the coal companies, the big oil companies, the big multinationals that want to continue outsourcing our jobs. From the big banks that want to roll back Wall Street reform, and big insurance companies that want to roll back health care reform.

Well they may have the powerful corporations on their side, but we’ve got you.

And that’s why I talked about my recount, as painful as that is for me to relive. I know firsthand that every vote counts, and that’s why we need all of you — every one of you — to work your hearts out over the next 10 days.

I want you phone-banking! I want you knocking on doors! Now many of you have families; ignore them. Get on the phones! Get on the doors! Talk to your neighbors and tell them the truth, and tell them what’s at stake.

Are we gonna go back — back to the policies of Karl Rove and George W. Bush? Because that’s exactly what they say they’re going to do. Or do we continue moving forward, with the policies that not only averted a Depression but invested in our future — in education, and infrastructure, and broadband, and research, and development, and medicine, and renewable energy.

Now: Who here wants to go forward? Who wants to go forward with President Barack Obama? And with Amy Klobuchar? And Keith Ellison and Betty McCollum and Tim Walz and Jim Oberstar and Colin Peterson and Shelly Madore and Jim Meffert and Tarryl Clark?

And with Mark Dayton?

Because that’s the choice. That’s the choice: It’s forward or backward.

And what we do — what you do in the next 10 days — may very well determine which direction we go. I know, because remember, I’m the poster boy for close elections. And I know that you don’t want to wake up on November 3rd and think, “If I had just done a little more. If I had just listened to Al!”

It’s up to all of us. Are we going to do it? Let President Obama hear you, he’s driving here. Let him hear you! Let Minnesota hear you! Let America hear you!



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  3. BEST LINE : Or do we continue moving forward, with the policies that not only averted a Depression but invested in our future — in education, and infrastructure, and broadband, and research, and development, and medicine, and renewable energy.

    That said, the choice is pretty clear … do we want to re-empower the folks that increased the DOD a Trillion Dollars over ten years – and that’s not counting the Iraq and Afghanistan operations … that enacted a Prescription Part D program without funding it at a cost of a Trillion Dollars over a decade … do we want to reward tax cuts to the top 2% ? ? ?

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