Posted by: Jeff | October 25, 2010

Unintended Consequence of the Tea Party

Tom Tancredo, a far-right conservative upset with the moderate nominated by the Republican Party for the governor election in Colorado, joined the race as a Tea Party independent.  At the time, most thought that this move would inevitably split the conservative vote and hand the race to the Democratic candidate.  In reality, Tancredo is polling much better than expected, and hasn’t divided the conservative vote so much as stolen it.  This could be devastating to the state’s Republican Party:

Maes, the Republican nominee, is actually drawing below 10 percent in the polls. If he were to fail to hit 10 percent in next week’s election against Democrat John Hickenlooper and third party candidate Tom Tancredo, it would officially consign the Republican Party to minor party status in Colorado until 2014.

That means Republican Party candidates across the board would not be listed at the top of the ballot with the Democrats, but down lower with the other minor parties.



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