Posted by: Jeff | October 18, 2010

Monday Mixtape XXVII

Another Monday at the start of another four-day week.  The weather is wonderful outside – crisp and cool with a lot of sun.  And we’re stuck inside all day.  Cause for a bit of a wake-up this Monday morning.  Here are a few tracks that should jump-start your week.  If you enjoy, please support the artists by purchasing their work via your favorite music distributor.

Arcade Fire – Intervention

That organ.  Over the top and theatrical define Arcade Fire, and on “Intervention”, Win Butler wails against the deep background swells of the organ, decrying the evil and loneliness of war among sounds more familiarly heard in church.  Once the strings come in for the chorus, Arcade Fire have delivered another energized epic singalong.


Deerhunter – Nothing Ever Happened

2008’s Microcastles has gained plenty of acclaim as a great indie album featuring solid writing and hard-to-define genre choices.  On “Nothing Ever Happened”, for example, what starts as a pretty standard indie construction (Pavement?) dissolves into a fuzzy shoegazer jam, owing more allegiance to the Madchester rave scene or My Bloody Valentine’s wall of sound melody.


The White Stripes – Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground

When Rolling Stone named Jack White the 17th best guitarist of all-time, many in the old guard voiced protest, arguing that the guitar work of countless old-school rock and roll bands outweighed the edgy, nervous strikes of White’s work with the White Stripes.  However, The White Stripes stand out as a 21st century ode to the sound of old rock, and White’s versatility when playing garage rock, the blues, and classic rock stands on its own merits.


Florence + The Machine – Kiss With A Fist

The appeal of The White Stripes’ garage sound is trans-Atlantic, influencing Florence + The Machine to drop the veil and gothic theatrics for a moment to rock out in this raucous ode to Detroit.  Choosing domestic violence as lyrical content is perhaps British humour (?), but doesn’t detract from the old school feel.


The Dead Weather – The Difference Between Us

The versatility of Jack White.  On the second album by The Dead Weather, an inspired collaboration between White and frontwoman Alison Mossheart of The Kills, Dean Fertita of Queens of the Stoneage, and Jack Lawrence of The Raconteurs, the group get edgier and funkier, delving into the dirtier corners of the genre that has been labeled Swamp Rock.


Engineers – In Praise Of More (Radio Edit)

The Engineers are a post-rock outfit from England who draw upon shoegaze and R&B influences to create soundscapes that mesh 80s swirl with futuristic technology.  With the addition of German electronic ingenue Ulrich Schnauss on the keyboard, the band continues to develop an ambient post-rock atmospheric.


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