Posted by: Jeff | October 14, 2010


Via Pitchfork, a new Robyn dance track constructed out of a sugar-sweet pop ballad.  Robyn has been out-of-control productive this year, releasing two albums so far with a third on the way.  One of the coolest thing about each album is the way that each builds upon the work of its predecessor.  As an example, “Hang With Me” first appeared on Body Talk Pt. 1 as a piano-driven acoustic ballad, accentuating emotion and the power of Robyn’s voice.  Three months later, “Hang With Me” reappeared as a disco burner on Body Talk Pt. 2.  Robyn has repeated the feat by transforming the string-driven acoustic version of “Indestructible” from Pt. 2 into another R&B influenced electro hit in time for Pt. 3.

The ability to transform her own catalogue so quickly shows a great deal of artistic versatility and innovation, and it seems a great pop injustice that her relative obscurity that she continues to operate within is so overshadowed by the Fame Monster (TM) that substandard Madonna covers like “Alejandro” can gain Gaga.



  1. Really digging this track. Robyn deserves a lot more attention (she’s finally starting to get some though).

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