Posted by: Jeff | October 6, 2010

Obligatory Randy Moss Comment

I woke up this morning thinking that today could be a big day for Minnesota sports fans.  The Twins are set to host their first playoff game at the new Target Field, a glorious outdoor park that could play host to a very promising Twins playoff run.  The Yankees look more human than usual, and the Twins embody the “little team that could” demeanor, racking up the best record in baseball since the All-Star Break despite the mid-season loss of MVP Justin Morneau.

And yet, the best news of the day for Minnesota fans may have come this morning, with news that the Minnesota Vikings have finalized a deal that will send WR Randy Moss from the Patriots back home to Minnesota, his first team in the NFL, and the team for whom he showcased his immeasurable talent in the hey-day of Vikings football.

Yes, today is an exciting day.  Because the Twins embark on an adventure that may well take them to a World Series in their first season at a glorious new park.  And because the Vikings finally embark on a campaign that may take them where no Vikings team has gone before – a Super Bowl championship.

This is a Vikings team that is immediately improved.  The achilles heel for the Vikes over the first three games has been unquestionably the passing game.  The loss of Sidney Rice in the pre-season has left an aging Brett Favre with few passing options.  As a result, the offense has relied on a single-faceted running game, a fact that didn’t help much when playing from behind against the Super Bowl champs in New Orleans.

Now, Favre has the weapon he’s always wanted: Randy Moss.  The failure of the Packers to sign Moss in 2007 may have led directly to the all-star QB’s falling out with Packers GM Ted Thompson – a path that eventually resulted in Favre’s trade to the New York Jets.  Moss is the elite deep threat, capable of spreading defensive secondaries thin whether targeted or not.  His acquisition not only opens up a deep game that has been sorely ineffective with Bernard Berrian at wideout, but it also opens opportunities for Percy Harvin and Visanthe Shiancoe over the middle of the field.  And with the eventual return of Sidney Rice later this month, the Vikings pass attack should be a dynamic machine.

The craziest part of the story has to be what the Vikings gave up – virtually nothing for a talent this large.   A third-round draft pick is no sure thing, and Patriots fans this morning are justifiably scratching their heads in wonderment that such an elite receiver could be had for so cheap.  Considering the Vikings offered much more to San Diego for rights to Vincent Jackson, despite his imminent suspension, this is quite the deal.

Packers fans, too, must be scratching their heads this morning.  Fast on the heels of news that another defensive secondary starter is out for the season, the Packers failed to seal the deal to acquire a starting-caliber running back, opting instead to rely on second-stringers to take pressure off Aaron Rodger’s arm.  Now comes the prospect of a re-invigorated Vikings team, replete with long-time arch-enemy Randy Moss and Benedict Arnold-figure Brett Favre, marching into Lambeau on Oct. 24th to face a scattered and untested secondary.  Drama of the highest order.

Vikings blog The Daily Norseman, on the ramifications this will have on the divisional race:

Brett Favre was so pissed off that Green Bay didn’t trade for Moss in 2007 that he took Ted Thompson off of his Christmas Card list and quit sending him Wrangler jeans.  Then he retired.  Then he got traded.  Why?  Because Favre understands that if you could match up arguably the best quarterback and best wide receiver in the league on one team, you go a long way towards winning a Super Bowl.  Oh, you need a great defense, and a running game that can pound an opponent into dust, too.  What?  The Vikings have that?  Yeah, yeah they do, and Favre now has the best receiver in the game to throw to, which just made his job a lot easier.



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  2. The Bears and Packers should be concerned now. The Vikings decided before the season that it was Super Bowl or bust, and they have gone to great lengths to trade for a top 5 receiver. They agreed to a deal with Vincent Jackson, but couldnt get the Chargers to lower their ridiculous trade requirements. If Moss and Favre cant get on the same page, this could turn back into one of the elite teams in the NFL. They should certainly contend for the division if they can get past the next 4 or 5 games with only 1 or 2 losses.

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