Posted by: Jeff | October 5, 2010

Maybe We’ve All Lost

When a political candidate feels compelled to film an ad clearing the air about allegations that she practices witchcraft, you would think she’s already lost, right?  I’m left wondering what it says about a country that the candidate making public statements about whether or not she is a witch – really just the tip of the iceberg with this one – gets standing ovations from the conservative political establishment at the Values Voter Summit, and serves as a focal point of a mainstream political party’s electoral strategy.



  1. Please, she went on a TV program voluntarily and announced she dabbled in Witchcraft, with a Satanic alter with blood and everything. Nobody falsely accused her of saying that. She said it.

    So what the heck is she talking about? Is shit batsh*t-crazy or just making a joke?

    From context, you would learn they were talking about whether Halloween was an evil holiday. Having dabbled she was a position to argue from experience that it was. So did she make it up to win the argument? I don;t know but she also once said in a debate that she had classified information about China invading the US. Sounds like BS to me. BS for the purpose of winning an argument.

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