Posted by: Jeff | September 23, 2010

Please Don’t Call Them Twinkies

I’m relatively new to the Hold Steady, which is tragic insomuch as they are a Minnesota band that specializes in name-dropping Minnesota places and cultural traditions.  Vocalist Craig Finn is a lyrical depository of local references, making The Hold Steady as analogous to Minneapolis-St. Paul as Springsteen is to Jersey, or Eminem to Detroit.

So with the Minnesota Twins sealing the Division this week and ensuring a spot in the Playoffs, who better than Finn to send them off in style.  Minnesota’s own 89.3 The Current has procured a new Twins anthem penned by Finn that references neighborhoods, cities, and local Twins players in tying together fans and this team in a way that is just awesome.  Hopes are high in Minnesota for another World Series appearance, and with a rocker like this propelling them on, you gotta feel good about their chances.

I can’t get the embedded audio to work, so head on over to The Current to give it a listen.  Win Twins!


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