Posted by: Jeff | September 13, 2010

Monday Mixtape XXII: Back to School

Ra Ra Riot rock out.

The school year has begun and work has picked up, so I haven’t had the time to post many mixtapes lately.  My bad!  There have been a bunch of really great releases in the past month, so there isn’t any real common theme tying these tracks together other than that they’re all relatively new!

Please support the artists – if you like one of these preview tracks, go out and buy the album!

The Walkmen – Angela Surf City

This is the only track I’ve heard thus far from the New York-by-way-of-DC alt rockers, but by all accounts, the LP is great.  This is exciting news, as The Walkmen are a band I’m finding myself increasingly drawn to – “Angela Surf City” channels some of the energy of previous hits like “The Rat”, and makes for a fun romp.  And other than Brian Devendorf of The National, is there a better drummer in all of indie rock than Matt Barrick?

Interpol – Barricade

I’ve discussed the new Interpol album elsewhere, but this is one of the best tracks from the new LP.  Combining the dark atmospherics of early Interpol broodiness with the danceable rhythm section developed in tracks like “Evil” and “Slowhands”, this is another quality addition to the growing Interpol catalogue.

The retro Beach Boys sound is very in this summer, and a number of acts have capitalized by incorporating Brian Wilson-esque vocal harmonies and fuzz on new releases.  Here are a few good examples:

Ariel Pinks Haunted Graffiti – Round and Round

Best Coast – When I’m With You

The Clientele – Jerry

of Montreal – Coquet Coquette

I don’t normally enjoy of Montreal – at least not as much as many seem to – but their newest single, “Coquet Coquette”, is seriously fun.  It’s a winding, funky, eminently danceable number that should be played loudly as long as summer lingers.

Ra Ra Riot – Boy

Speaking of songs that are a lot of fun, Ra Ra Riot’s new single, “Boy”, is a perfect example of what the band does well – sweeping strings, high energy, and college-boy vocals befitting a Vampire Weekend tune.  Ra Ra Riot continues to gain traction with the college set, and it’s no surprise why – their records are a lot of fun.

The Temper Trap – Fader

The Temper Trap seem to be everywhere all of a sudden – on the radio, backing high-profile television commercials, headlining the Virgin Mobile FreeFest.  This is a band on the rise, an indie act reaching the mainstream by copping Coldplay and going commercial.


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