Posted by: Jeff | September 2, 2010

Republican Philosophies Abound, But Where Are the Policies?

Kevin Drum at Mother Jones points to one reason that Republicans have largely abstained from proffering actual policies for reducing the deficit.

[I]f they did that [get wonky], they’d lose. The public doesn’t want to hear about spending cuts except in the most general, stemwinding terms, and a concrete plan of action “along those lines” would be massively unpopular with the electorate. McConnell and Boehner know this perfectly well. So instead they serve up mush.

Unfortunately, I think Drum is right, and I think that Republican platitudes about debt reduction belie the fact that there isn’t really a cohesive Republican policy on reducing spending.  It sounds great in principle, but, like the famous fable about making pork, rapidly loses popularity in detail.



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