Posted by: Jeff | September 2, 2010

Another Gulf Oil Platform Explosion

From CNN:

An oil production platform has exploded 80 miles off the coast of Louisiana, with 12 people overboard and one missing, the Coast Guard said Thursday morning.

Preliminary reports seem to indicate that the platform wasn’t currently pumping oil, so we may yet avoid the type of environmental disaster that this kind of explosion called when the Deepwater Horizon blew five months ago.  But it is certainly not a vote of confidence for the offshore drilling industry that such a tragic accident follows so quickly on the heels of finally stopping the first leak.

We’ll see how this pans out, but offshore drilling – and the insane environmental cost that will be borne by future generations as a result – has me so cynical about American politics.  That a political party could base an entire presidential electoral strategy around the echoes of “Drill, Baby, Drill” and still be a favorite for landslide victory this November is beyond me.  And how the woman who started those chants – indeed, the only specific national policy proposal she may have ever articulated – can still enjoy nationwide popularity and a real shot at the White House.  It’s enough to hang your head and cry.


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