Posted by: Jeff | August 29, 2010

The Most Dangerous Place in the World

Patrick Vinck and Phuong Pham spent a year in the Central African Republic, interviewing locals about the affect of conflict and political stability on their daily lives.  They found a place thoroughly wracked by violence, neglect, and disease, a government incapable (or disinterested) in rebuilding basic infrastructure, and health and education systems that don’t exist:

On July 30, the president of the Central African Republic, an eccentric army chief named François Bozizé, issued a decree postponing the country’s presidential and parliamentary elections. The new vote is scheduled for January 2011, having been pushed back for the fourth time due to supposed security concerns. The people of this small, conflict-torn country will have to keep waiting for a vote. But the truth is, they really can’t wait. The country’s population is dying four times faster than the rest of Africa.

Africa has had its success stories in the past decade, but the Central African Republic is not one of them.  Other countries have languished in conflict and political ineptitude and received global awareness, outrage, and advocacy.  The Central African Republic is not one of those either.


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