Posted by: Jeff | August 25, 2010

Here We Go

For better or worse, this could dominate cable news for the next week.  Prediction: Fox denounces rest of media for jumping to conclusions about Tea Party affiliation, rest of America horrified and paints Tea Party with same broad brush.  Only Jon Stewart makes sense of the hysteria.

From TPM:

Report: NYC cabbie stabbed after passenger asks ‘Are You Muslim?’

The initial reports are sketchy. And it’s always important to remember the story of the backwards B. It’s not a matter of trying to raise doubts. But with such inflammatory stories it’s always important to look really closely at the details and take it one step at a time. We’re digging for more details. More soon.

Late Update: Our reporter Eric Lach just spoke to the NYPD. They confirmed the key details of the story and said the attack will be charged as 2nd degree attempted murder and a hate crime. The suspect in the case is Michael Enright, 21. Full report soon.


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