Posted by: Jeff | August 23, 2010

Headline Worth a Thousand Words

From the September/October issue of Foreign Policy magazine:

Strange Brew:

Does the Tea Party have a foreign policy?

This is actually a pretty fascinating answer (No!) inasmuch as it provides a pretty intriguing route for Democratic candidates in November.  The Republican base is united on taxes (lower!) and principles (balance the budget! support the troops!), but surprisingly disparate in opinion on policies.  This is particularly distinct in the foreign policy realm.

As Josh Marshall observed today, even members of the same Tea Partying family find it difficult to agree on things:

Rand Paul and Ron Paul come out on different sides of the Cordoba House/Mosque controversy. Quick hint: the one who calls the controversy “all about hate and Islamaphobia” isn’t the one running for Senate from Kentucky.

And when it comes to foreign trade, Iraq, Afghanistan, or Iran, the divide becomes even more profound pretty quickly.  Head over to Foreign Policy to read the whole piece – it really is illuminating.



  1. isn’t their de-facto foreign policy isolationism? i just assumed that since they’re super-duper libertarians, they want to cut government spending. which means spending it on other countries first.

    is that too logical an argument?

  2. […] He Had A Dream Today Glenn Beck and his minions are flooding the Lincoln Memorial and the National Mall in a demonstration against taxes, government, and the ‘direction’ this country is headed.  Their principles are uncertain, and often not shared by the whole group.  This movement is one of disparate groups, all with a gripe to share, united only in their distaste for President Obama and the state of the economy.  Beyond this, there are few unifying principles. […]

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