Posted by: Jeff | August 16, 2010

Monday Mixtape XX: The Strokes + Arcade Fire

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A member of the general public did the world a great favor last weekend by bringing a high-quality audio recorder to Lollapalooza and snagging decent-sounding renderings of two festival highlights: the complete sets by both The Strokes and Arcade Fire.  There is minimal crowd noise, and generally the music is pretty crisp and clear.  The atmosphere at Arcade Fire sounds a bit more subdued than I remember (read: it doesn’t sound subdued at all!), but it is still a memorable keepsake.  For those who weren’t there, here’s a taste of two bands that sound on the top of their (admittedly quite different) games.

The Strokes @ Grant Park, Chicago (August 6th, 2010)

Tracklist: 01. New York City Cops 02. The Modern Age 03. Hard to Explain 04. What Ever Happened? 05. You Only Live Once 06. Soma 07. Is This It 08. Vision of Division 09. I Can’t Win 10. Reptilia 11. Last Nite 12. [break] 13. Juicebox 14. Someday 15. Under Control 16. Heart in a Cage 17. Take It or Leave It

(thanks to the Lolla Message Board for the tracklist)

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Arcade Fire @ Grant Park, Chicago (August 8th, 2010)

Tracklist: 01. Intro 02. Ready to Start 03. Neighborhood #2 (Laika) 04. No Cars Go 05. Haiti 06. Empty Room 07. Rococo 08. The Suburbs 09. Intervention 10. Crown of Love 11. Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) 12. Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) 13. We Used to Wait 14. Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) 15. Rebellion (Lies) 16. Month of May 17. Keep the Car Running 18. [encore] 19. Wake Up

(thanks to the Lolla Message Board for the tracklist)

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