Posted by: Jeff | August 4, 2010

Rocky Mountain Urban Planning

Via the Denver Post, this is Dan Maes, the frontrunner in Aug. 10’s Republican Primary for Governor in Colorado:

Maes said the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives is affiliated with the United Nations and is “signing up mayors across the country, and these mayors are signing on to this U.N. agreement to have their cities abide by this dream philosophy.”

The program includes encouraging employers to install showers so more people will ride bikes to work and also creating parking spaces for fuel-efficient vehicles, he said.

Notwithstanding the point that the whole thing is far-fetched and ridiculous, what exactly is wrong with the principle of international cooperation for healthier transit and energy independence?



  1. so you’re conceding that this is ridiculous? i think you may be undermining your own point.

    • Ridiculous in the sense that it is an absurdly unrealistic plot. I find it very bemusing that there are so many people convinced that the UN is a monolithic institution capable of having an agenda.

      “The UN doesn’t do anything – it’s such a waste of tax dollars! But they’re coming to take our guns and replace them with bicycles! Beware!”

  2. ah, the accusation that it’s an international conspiracy by an international organization is what’s ridiculous.

    i thought you were saying signing up mayors to change business practices was the ridiculous thing. nevermind.

    yes, people who hate the UN are annoying. there’s actually a billboard on either I-75 or the Florida turnpike in North Florida that says “The UN is trying to take your gun!”

    literally. giant billboard. that’s what it says. the billboards after it are advertisements for a strip club and anti-abortion campaigns.

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