Posted by: Jeff | July 21, 2010

Food Carts Are Delicious

I work in a neighborhood in DC unfortunately devoid of restaurant/lunch options.  Within three blocks of my office there is pizza, an expensive cafeteria, or Subway.  And that’s about it.  So it would make perfect sense for the neighborhood to be regularly traversed by food trucks!  DC is experiencing a renaissance of mobile food options, but thus far we’ve mostly been left out.  Which is why I got excited to see that one ventured near the neighborhood today!

Sauca serves mostly international fare (which is why it makes sense to park outside the World Bank, I suppose), including fish tacos with mango salsa, beef shawarma, and Vietnamese pork banh mi.  I opted for the butter chicken, which comes in a pita with a spicy curry and basmati rice.  It was delicious.

Hurrah for food carts, making lunch more interesting and flavorful!



  1. I adore food carts because they’re a mobile version of the greasy spoon diner. Either you are blissfully rewarded with some fabulous food, as in your case, or a hole will burn through your stomach and all your friends will be able to see what you had for lunch. For it to be an “international” cart is all the more reason to enjoy it. Picture me jealous!

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