Posted by: Jeff | July 19, 2010

Monday Mixtape XVII

This weekend I went to a birthday party at a relatively new bar on U Street, and though it was swelteringly hot on the second floor (trust me, people will want to stay longer if you have AC), they played some pretty awesome funky disco music.  In honor of the weekend then, here’s a little funk for your Monday.  If you like the artist, buy their music!

Patti Jo – Make Me Believe In You (1973)

A 1973 classic that served mainly as a vehicle for Curtis Mayfield’s funky hook writing, the jazz flute in this one really takes it to the top.  Also, the phrase “I’m hip to the lip” is one that I will be trying to work into daily conversation more frequently.

Liquid Liquid – Cavern (1981)

This one is trainspotted from Saturday night – it’s a pretty dubby track, but that bass groove is phenomenal.  Later re-worked by Grandmaster Flash into a straight hip-hop release, the original was revived somewhat by a prominent showcase in Spike Lee’s The 25th Hour.

!!! – AM/FM (2010)

From a forthcoming release, this radio-friendly single channels both the groove of the Stone Roses and the funk of Detroit.  A decidedly new spin on some old classic influences.

LCD Soundsystem – Pow Pow (2010)

Showing some lyrical finesse, James Murphy uses spoken word over most of this track.  But when the bass line finally drops, the feet start moving.

Curtis Mayfield – Pusherman (1972)

One of the all-time classics of seventies funk, Curtis Mayfield’s instrumentation and falsetto are signatures of the genre.

Lindstrøm and Christabelle – Baby Can’t Stop (Aeroplane Remix) (2010)

Born of disco, this remix by Belgians Aeroplane incorporates an immense bass riff that gives it the funk to support a soulful vocal from Christabelle.


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