Posted by: Jeff | July 4, 2010

Nola’s Big Independence Day Adventure

Knowing we were up for a big evening, I spent most of the day napping so that I’d have enough energy to walk to Rosslyn and watch the DC fireworks.

Who said dogs don't cat nap?

We had perfect timing – we left the house at sunset and got to the Iwo Jima Memorial just as the fireworks were beginning. And boy, was it crowded!  We found a spot where you could see the fireworks just above the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial!

My trip to Virginia has sure been eventful!

The fireworks were great, but the real excitement was when a plane came down the Potomac for a landing at nearby Washington National Airport!

No thank you!

It wasn’t too long before the grand finale – all of the booms and pops had me very disoriented!

Ooooh! Aaaaah!

Even when we were ready to leave, the flashing lights and glowsticks everywhere were a bit overwhelming.

Who brought the disco ball?!

The flood of people was very impressive.  I live in the District, so I was surprised there are so many people in Virginia!

Even I know it is silly to drive to the fireworks!

I got a lot of compliments on this trip for my poise and good behavior.  But it’s tiring being so calm!  Once we got home I got a drink and curled up to go to bed!

All this excitement this weekend has left me tired!

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!


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