Posted by: Jeff | June 7, 2010

Monday Mixtape XIV

Last night I saw The National live in concert.  They’ve been my favorite band for a little while now, and in anticipation of their show I’ve been playing their latest LP, High Violet, regularly over the past couple of weeks at work.  And after last night’s show, which blew away the first time I saw them (last summer), and transformed a solid album into an epic live set, here is a mixtape devoted to one of the best touring bands today: The National.

The National – Runaway (Live) (From High Violet)

The National – About Today (From Cherry Tree)

The National – Apartment Story (From Boxer)

The National – Secret Meeting (From Alligator)

The National – Bloodbuzz, Ohio (From High Violet)

The National – Squalor Victoria (From Boxer)

The National – Slow Show (From Boxer)

The National – Mr. November (From Alligator)

Support the artist: buy The National’s latest album (#3 on the Billboard charts in May), High Violet, here.

A live review will be forthcoming.



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