Posted by: Jeff | June 1, 2010

Monday Mixtape XIII

Arcade Fire's new album is just around the corner.

After a long Memorial Day weekend, it is now Tuesday, but the beginning of the work-week still calls for a new mixtape.  Below are a couple of fun jaunts that should be mainstays on any summer bbq playlist.

The Morning Benders – Excuses (2010) (Right Click, Save As)

“Excuses” sounds like it comes straight from the 1960’s, with sweeping strings that could well be Paul Anka’s backing band.  Once the percussion kicks in, however, the song transforms into something else out of the 60’s – a wistful beach ballad that would have made The Beach Boys proud.  I’ll be catching this band next week when they open for Broken Bells in DC.

Buy here.

Jonsi – Go Do (2010) (Right Click, Save As)

The enigmatic frontman of Iceland’s ephemeral Sigur Ros has left the opera hall and made a pop album.  It’s a mix of English and Icelandic, giving it a very worldly feel.  It’s already cropping up in some really cool commercials, but “Go Do” will be a mainstay on World Cup promos all summer.

Buy here.

Arcade Fire – The Suburbs (2010) (Right Click, Save As)

Montreal-based music urchins Arcade Fire release their new double-sided single today, and it is the source of all sorts of intrigue.  The new LP, also named The Suburbs, won’t be coming out until August, giving plenty of time for blog speculation about whether it marks a change in direction for the band.  All I know is that the lead single sounds nothing like what I expected.

Pre-order here.

The New Pornographers – Your Hands (Together) (2010) (Right Click, Save As)

Every song released by The New Pornographers sounds like it was born in a sing-a-long.  And with four vocalists among them, I suppose that would make for a pretty logical recording process.  This is a catchy track with a little more edge than many of their more poppy cuts from the new album.  But like all their best cuts, there’s a sing-a-long hook.

Buy here.

Band of Horses – Dilly (2010) (Right Click, Save As)

The new Band of Horses takes what the group does best – guitar layering, and adds a ruffle: a gentle synthesizer pulsating through tracks like new single, “Dilly”.  The song feels more restrained than previous offerings like “The Funeral”, making it a cool summer jam.

Buy here.

Interpol – Lights (2010) (Right Click, Save As)

I’m a little annoyed at Interpol for canceling their summer tour right after I bought tickets to a show in Baltimore, but regardless, I’m very excited for the new album.  This lead teaser track builds well, and really does sound like a return to Turn on the Bright Lights form.

Download here.


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