Posted by: Jeff | May 24, 2010

This Modern Love

me: anthony and I spent fifteen minutes yesterday pondering whether Bloc Party’s song, “This Modern Love” is in fact, about a pork sandwich

me: “To be lost in the forest / To be cut adrift / You’ve been trying to reach me / You bought me a book”

Here, Kele is talking about how he’s hopeless in a kitchen, so the girl bought him a recipe book

“Don’t get offended / If I seem absent minded / Just keep telling me facts / And keep making me smile”

Here, he’s singing about how he gets really into the recipe, and kind of loses focus on what she’s talking about

“Baby, you’ve got to be more discerning / I’ve known never known what’s good for me / Baby, you’ve got to be more demanding / I will be yours”

Kate: oh god

this is ludicrous

me: he’ll love her, if she just tells him what she wants on the sandwich already

“I’ll pay for you anytime / I’ll pay for you anytime”

Kate: not

me: lunch is on him

“And you told me you wanted to eat up my sandwich / Well jump on, enjoy, and gorge away / You told me you wanted to eat up my sandwich / Jump right”

she really likes his sandwiches, and wants to eat his too

“This modern love breaks me / This modern love wastes me”

Kate: i am ignoring you now

me: I think this is a social criticism – he made her lunch, paid for it, and she still ate his sandwich

Kate: no way

also now i am starving


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