Posted by: Jeff | May 24, 2010

Monday Mixtape XI

It’s a little overcast out there and The Rolling Stones just re-released their finest album, Exile on Main Street, so here are some bands playing odes to the blues.

The Rolling Stones – Rocks Off (1972) (Right Click, Save As)

Kicking off one of the greatest albums of all time, this bluesy jaunt is as fun today as it was in ’72.

Buy here.

Kings of Leon – The Bucket (2005) (Right Click, Save As)

Before the angst-ridden “Use Somebody”, this southern band let loose with some good bluesy fun.

Buy here.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Beat the Devil’s Tattoo (2010) (Right Click, Save As)

Though a new release, BRMC’s new album feels like a return to old-fashioned rock.

Buy here.

The Black Keys – Howlin’ For You (2010) (Right Click, Save As)

The fuzzy guitar may sound modern, but the rambling beat and the finely-picked blues guitar give it a retro blues feel even before the analog vocals kick in.

Buy here.

The Dead Weather – Blue Blood Blues (2010) (Right Click, Save As)

Jack White on drums and vocals, making the delta blues just a bit more seedy.

Buy here.

The Rolling Stones – Loving Cup (1972) (Right Click, Save As)

The Stones inflected gospel and blues with a lot of pop sensibility on this one.

Buy here.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Shuffle Your Feet (2005) (Right Click, Save As)

BRMC’s acoustic LP, Howl, demonstrates to a far greater degree just how much of their shoegazy fuzz is rooted in the blues.

Buy here.

Kings Of Leon – Arizona (2007) (Right Click, Save As)

One of my favorite KoL tracks, this one has a lot of emotion in that guitar line.

Buy here.


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