Posted by: Jeff | May 20, 2010

Weekly Mixtape X

Janelle Monae

Very late this week – traveled over the weekend and work has been pretty busy, so light on the blogging of late.  There are a couple of really good pop albums being released this month.  Here’s a sampling to whet your appetite:

LCD Soundsystem – Dance Yrself Clean (2010) (Right Click, Save As)

The new LCD album is pretty characteristic of what we’ve come to expect from James Murphy and company.  It’s earnest, it’s funky, and it’s awesome.  “Dance Yrself Clean” is an introspective slow-burner of a first single, a ballad that finally erupts into a funky jam you can’t help but bob to.

Buy here.

Miles Fisher – This Must Be The Place (2009) (Right Click, Save As)

Covers and tributes rarely catch on (unless it’s Lady Gaga and the audience is largely aware of any precursors), but this dance cover of an old Talking Heads classic certainly did – and the music video riff on American Psycho is no small reason why.

Buy Miles Fisher’s EP here.

Janelle Monae – Tightrope (ft. Big Boi) (2010) (Right Click, Save As)

Speaking of incredible music videos, look at the moves in this track’s vid!  Janelle Monae is the next big thing.  Bigger than big – she packages the musical innovation of an Andre 3000 with the pure pop sensibility of Michael Jackson.  And she might be even better than the King of Pop in saddle shoes.  Yeah, I said it.  Check her out – soon she’ll be everywhere.

Buy here.

Goldfrapp – Rocket (2010) (Right Click, Save As)

Alison Goldfrapp has been making dance tracks for a long time, but her latest album sounds like a time machine to the eighties.  This track has one of the catchiest choruses in pop music today.

Buy here.

Little Boots – Stuck On Repeat (2009) (Right Click, Save As)

Little Boots has been around for some time on youtube and in England now, and somewhat less time in the States.  But she’s starting to gain a reputation for catchy hooks (that she wrote herself!) and amazing live shows.  Here’s hoping her fame continues to rise.

Buy here.

Robyn – Dancing On My Own (2010) (Right Click, Save As)

Sweden’s favorite pop chanteuse is releasing like six albums this year.  This track, off June 15’s Body Talk Part I (leaving room for a sequel or five!) sounds great – soaring synths, a driving beat, and Robyn’s characteristically human vocals.  Nobody else writes pop songs that sound so meaningful.

From a forthcoming album, but buy other Robyn albums here.

MIA – XXXO (2010) (Right Click, Save As)

The first newly leaked MIA track sounded like a post-Sonic Youth shoegazer fuzz.  The second sounds like a post-punk dance juggernaut.  Now I’m excited for the new album.

Buy here.

Sleigh Bells – Rill Rill (2010) (Right Click, Save As)

When M.I.A. started hyping a band called Sleigh Bells, there wasn’t much known about the new duo.  Then a few songs started leaking, and M.I.A. announced both that she was signing the band to her own label and that her new album would be produced by Sleigh Bells guitarist Derek Miller.  Given M.I.A.’s stature, the news that she was influenced by this new band started the hype machine churning.  And now that we have an album, it’s safe to say that expectations have been met.  This is a band doing something uniquely original at a time when most music sounds like a regurgitation of influences.

Buy here.

B.O.B. – The Kids (ft. Janelle Monae) (2010) (Right Click, Save As)

Hip-hop has generally been pretty under-par lately, and the new fad of appropriating popular indie songs for background instrumentation and vocal hooks is usually really lame.  That said, this track, based around Vampire Weekend’s “The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance” really works, a credit to two fast-risers, B.O.B. and Janelle Monae.

Buy here.


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