Posted by: Jeff | May 6, 2010

Liberty, Some of the Time

Jonathan Bernstein, on Senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman’s apparent disdain for civil liberties and due process for American citizens suspected of terrorism:

[T]here are people now who are honestly suggesting that the government should be able to grab someone off the street, take away their citizenship, and send them off to rot indefinitely in an off-shore prison camp? With no judicial constraints at all? And not only suggesting it, but attacking the president for not doing it?

And those same people are also complaining that the presidency of Barack Obama is the end of liberty and the beginning of tyranny.

Side-stepping for a moment the issue of how to define terrorism (white man crashing planes into federal buildings: not terrorism, Pakistani man leaving propane tank to explode in Times Square: terrorism), where would John McCain suggest we turn to find legal precedent (or Constitutional clearance) for refusing American citizens legal rights and torturing them?  Of all the people in the world to advocate that, it’s shocking to see it come from John McCain.  For shame.


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