Posted by: Jeff | April 7, 2010

LOST Season 1 Liveblog: Episode 23

  • Episode 23, still on the island.
  • Whoa, Walt is not handling the whole “I don’t know my father” thing very well.
  • Man, I never pulled the “if you tell me to do something, I’ll do the opposite” trick.
  • Nobody sees this French chick but Walt?
  • Sayid is really working the communication officer shtick.
  • What “others”?!?  They’re not alone on this gd island?
  • Pillar of black smoke?  Sounds like a bonfire!
  • If you spent 20 years on an island with a group of evil people, wouldn’t you have thought of a more creative name for them than “The Others”?
  • I thought this raft was leaving like four episodes ago.
  • With all this talk of “The Others” it seems like poor timing to show a whole bunch of randoms helping with this raft launch.  Jack should take control and start asking some questions.
  • Hurley’s the man.
  • Oh man, what bad timing for the raft to break!
  • Uh oh… that’s a mean-looking smoke stain on the horizon.
  • The French lady doesn’t even know about the hatch?  Nobody knows anything!
  • At the bar with Jack in the morning!
  • Hey, that’s the girl from Avatar!  And boy, she moves fast.
  • Why does one drink tequila with tonic… ever?
  • Back on the island… great, another new character they haven’t introduced… “The Others” false alarm #2?
  • Police officer to Sawyer: “You’re a blight, a scavenger”, etc.  Well said!
  • Angry Sawyer chops bamboo!  Jack pokes fun.  Haha.  Witty response.  mmm hmmm witty comment.
  • Sawyer partially redeemed himself with the bone he threw Jack.
  • Ok, now Sawyer is making both Jack and (hipster) Kate tear up.
  • Finally, some answers!  Kate had that stupid plane on the beach, but then left it in the back of the car.  I forgot about the bank robbery and the vault!
  • Girl power!
  • Surprise – Kate volunteering for a dangerous adventure with Jack.
  • Surprise – Jack happy that she did.
  • Jin still doesn’t know any English?  Who was this mob boss that sent him to do work in Australia and the US?
  • Locke is really eyeing the French lady pretty salaciously.
  • Ok, new dude is freaking out.  Real helpful, guy.
  • Speaking of helpful, Sawyer built a mast?  What are the writers doing to me?  I can. not. like. Sawyer.
  • THE MONSTER’S BACK!!! YES.  They didn’t forget!
  • French lady: “The monster protects the island.”  Is it just me, or she the opposite of helpful?
  • Shannon: Bringing frosty back.
  • Walt: Melting ice.
  • Sayid leaves bag in airport for Shannon to watch, she turns him into airport security.
  • Ok, monster, here are some instructions: eat Shannon.  Protect the island.
  • Does “Black Rock” mean something different in French?  Cause that’s a ship.
  • Jin, get over yourself.  Your wife is a hot bilingual.
  • Jin just got over himself.  Aw. Jin might become bilingual too!  Hot bilinguals win the day!
  • Who would trust Sawyer the Hoarder with their S.O.S. message?  Seriously?
  • Yay, Sawyer got off the island!  He’s gone!
  • Shannon already sucks at keeping track of the dog. Surprise!
  • Enter: Kraken?  To be continued.

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