Posted by: Jeff | April 7, 2010

LOST Season 1 Liveblog: Episode 22

Season 1, Episode 22: “Born to Run”

  • The winds are shifting.  Great – they’ll never get off this gd island.
  • This John Locke character is fishy.  I’m suspicious.  Why lie about Boone?
  • Seriously, whatever happened to the monster in the woods?  18 episodes later and they’re traipsing around like nothing will eat them.
  • Whatever is in this hatch, I’m starting to lose interest.
  • Michael is sick?  How convenient… for Locke.
  • I hate Sawyer as much as anyone, but why is everyone blaming him?
  • Jack may jump to conclusions a lot, but at least he cares.
  • I’m with Walt – just leave the hatch alone!
  • All that time spent building the raft… and Michael is going to let a little food poisoning stop him?  He’s just going to get seasick anyway!
  • Why doesn’t anybody suspect Walt?
  • Kate’s issues: mother-related.  Surprise of the episode.  My money was on daddy, same as every other cast member on LOST.
  • Shannon seems to have gotten over the whole shooting Locke thing… why can’t she and Sayid make up?  Oh yeah, because that whole plot line was horribly unbelievable from the beginning!
  • Oooooh, Sawyer outs Kate!  Didn’t see that one coming – I thought he was totally loyal!
  • If Sawyer wasn’t so folksy he’d be a very convincing Georgetown frat boy.
  • Flashback to Kate accidentally screwing over (pun!) her former high school sweetheart.  Mommy issues or just heavy-handed tragic hero archetype?
  • Whoa, Sun – didn’t see that one coming.
  • Kate: “Sawyer, you’re such a jerk… but I love it in a self-loathing kind of way.”
  • Annnnnd they’re still on the island.


  1. Is this a time capsule?

  2. Actually, my roommates were talking through the whole time capsule scene, so I kind of missed whatever it was that Kate and her bf dug up.

  3. Is that TV Kate or hipster Kate?

  4. ha, i just meant that this post was like a time capsule, since it was a liveblog of something that first occurred in 2005.

    • That’s where the funny comes in!

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