Posted by: Jeff | April 2, 2010

Chart of the Day

Via Andrew Sullivan:

It’s a start.

Edit: I realize that the chart isn’t labeled very well.  The numbers on the vertical access denote the net change in jobs for a given month.  As you can see, job losses peaked in January 2009, and March 2010 saw a marked increase in new jobs.

As Paul Krugman notes, “the patient is in stable condition.”

Edit II: It is also worth noting that the Obama Administration took over in January 2009.



  1. I saw this chart when it first came out, and considering the source, felt there might be some spin. I planned on breaking out some of the BS, but found this guy, who is actually a math guy did a much better job than I could have:

  2. […] think this is the right take.  The economy is improving in relative terms – we’re seeing employment and GDP numbers stop their downward spiral […]

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