Posted by: Jeff | March 29, 2010

Monday Mixtape IV

I’ve spent much of this past week at concerts (there’s still a live review from the weekend in draft), so this week’s mixtape is an ode to all the bands I’ve seen on stage recently.

Spoon/Deerhunter Review: link.

Miike Snow/Delorean Review: link.

Beach House Review: link.

jj/The xx Review: link forthcoming.

As usual, all songs are posted to promote the bands – if you like the song, buy the album!

The xx – Intro

Buy here (and at $7.99, a great deal!).

Deerhunter – Agoraphobia

Buy here.

Spoon – Don’t Make Me a Target (Live)

Buy here.

Beach House – 10 Mile Stereo

Buy here (Another great deal at $7.99!).

The xx – Infinity

Buy here.

jj – Things Will Never Be the Same Again

Buy here.

Delorean – Seasun

Buy here.

Miike Snow – Cult Logic

Buy here.



  1. Wait, where are Ke$ha and Justin Bieber?

    • Oh, they’re there. Ke$ha is better known as jj and Justin Bieber is the alter ego of the bearded Swedish guy in Miike Snow. He’s a member of the Swedish mafia, who are notorious for ransacking music studios and stealing jams.

  2. Aw, there there, they’re there. Ha-Ha!

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