Posted by: Jeff | February 13, 2010

Quote of the Day

From DCist:

On last night’s late local news, NBC4/WRC meteorologist Bob Ryan said that since last Friday, three trillion pounds of snow has fallen within 50 miles of D.C. Feel free to let that number simmer for a moment.

Wow.  For those in the area (and working downtown), the impact of all that snow was felt pretty intensely in yesterday’s commute.  I didn’t even make it home on Friday afternoon it was so awful.  I spent 20 minutes waiting for the bus and traffic hadn’t moved an inch that whole time – I’m not sure my bus line was even running, despite what the WMATA website said.  Bus stops are basically 6 foot snow piles anyway.  But as bad as the roads were, the Metro was even worse.  My office closed a bit early in anticipation of awful commute conditions, but the platform at Farragut West was so full by 5:00 that there were people overflowing up the escalator, past the turnstile, all the way down the hallway and nearly to the escalators that lead to street level (apparently a train had also been off-loaded).  Given that the next train on the board was 12 minutes away, I just turned around and left.  I eventually made an evening of it downtown and headed home by cab at the end of the night.

Snow + train derailment + Metro running at lower than normal capacity led to a nightmare of a day for most commuters.


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