Posted by: Jeff | January 25, 2010

Football Catharsis

There’s not much to say really.  I knew going in that a lot was at stake.  I wasn’t sure the Vikings would be ready, be prepared.  I thought perhaps the old Brett Favre – the one that wore green and not purple – might come back and laugh at the Vikings fans that have begun to trust him.

But I didn’t think it would be like this – like 1998 all over again.  A dominant statistical performance (the Vikings out-gained the Saints 2:1) sullied by a few key blunders and two mind-numbingly bad calls in overtime.

I could talk about the way that the Saints teed off on our quarterback – often well after the ball was away.  I could talk about Adrian Peterson and his downfall from Purple Jesus to Purple Pariah.  I could talk about Ryan Longwell, and wonder whether he would have made that 51 yarder to win the game.  I could talk about coaching, and attempt to fathom how the Vikes had 12 men in the huddle at the end of regulation.  I could talk about the NFL, and wonder aloud whether those calls in overtime were indicative of a fix being in (pass interference?  that’s really what is going to decide the game?).  I could wonder aloud whether the Saints could have earned field goal range on their own if the Vikings – and the refs – hadn’t handed it to them.

But in the end, the result is the same – I’d still be wondering.  The Saints didn’t win so much as the Vikings lost.  Five fumbles and two interceptions will kill a team.  The Saints didn’t have to do much, really.  But they did enough.

Congratulations, New Orleans.  You had an amazing season, and deserve a chance at the title.

I’d say there’s always next year, but with this quarterback, who knows.


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