Posted by: Jeff | December 29, 2009

Quote of the Day

From Pitchfork’s review of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” on their top 100 songs of 2009:

Though “Poker Face” was an irresistible earworm and global chart grand slam, there were still moments (chiefly the line “I’m bluffing with my muffin”) when Lady Gaga seemed like a desperate Jenna Maroney take on electroclash.

I think this captures what I love about Lady Gaga.  Yes, her music features catchy electro hooks and wonderfully irreverent lyrics – but I can’t help but laugh at how farcical it all is.  The woman is a serious talent who couldn’t get signed to any serious record labels, so hoping to display how dumbed down the music industry has become, she dumbed down her own act.  And instead of the next Norah Jones, you have a larger than life Madonna Spears, a pop princess so over the top and excessive that she captures attention through shock and quirkiness.  And now she’s a cottage industry in the music business – you can’t help but laugh with her.

Who said satire is a dead art?



  1. […] Lady Gaga’s meteoric rise is surprising for a couple of reasons, not least because her music sounds like a mainstream drubbing of indie darling Little Boots, who in 2008 was already a blog sensation when Lady Gaga began imploring everyone to “Just Dance.”  Lady Gaga is alright, but Lady Boots is younger, cheekier, more lyrical, and she produces her own music.  Her debut album was finally released in the US this month, and hopefully she’ll be a mainstay on the radio soon (replacing Ke$ha, we can all hope). […]

  2. […] gone on record before saying that Lady Gaga might be playing a trick on everyone – that she might be engaging in some sort of pop culture satire herself, pushing her image […]

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