Posted by: Jeff | December 24, 2009

Person of the Year Nominee

From the Washington Post:

Turning to the neighbors, Felder joked that another 18 inches of snow was on the way, which prompted Dawson, a single mother, to remark that she’d probably never get herself shoveled out, she’d never get her kids’ Christmas presents, she’d never get a Christmas tree.

The man from DPW turned to her and launched into a sermon of sorts, the one he delivers to each of his seven children, his two ex-wives and anyone else who will listen. Every day that there’s food on the table, every day that there’s a roof overhead, that’s Christmas, Felder said.

“We were just charmed,” Dawson said.

And then he turned to her and asked, “Do you need a tree?”

Read the whole story.  Really brings the Christmas cheer.

Happy Holidays!


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