Posted by: Jeff | December 20, 2009

The Day After

Snowman Update:

Snowman with Snowdog!


The snow tapered off last evening and by about midnight seemed to have stopped completely:

The scene as the snow stopped falling.

The unofficial measurement at the house is 21″ – they’re reporting 16.3″ at National Airport which is nearby, but that figure was from about 8 PM.  It’s possible they may have gotten an inch or two more afterward.

Digging out:



Midway through digging out.

The deck looks like a winter scene from a book.

You can't even see the hot tub (no, it has not been removed).

Like a white blanket.

The rest of the neighborhood has started to shovel and emerge from houses as well, but still no sign of snowplows.  Oh well – now that the snow is in convenient piles, it’s time to build a snowman!



  1. There is something very eerie but cute about the first photograph. The fifth and sixth pictures really make me want to eat marshmallows right now.

  2. Looks like a snowpig to me.

    • Bah. He’s just portly!

  3. Yeah the snowdrifts were OUT OF CONTROL! Up to my chest in some spots.

  4. You have a hot tub?!?!

  5. […] (update 3 here: […]

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