Posted by: Jeff | December 19, 2009

So It’s Snowing in DC

(update below)

(update 2 below)

(update 3 here:

In case you haven’t heard, we’re in the midst of the Snowpocalypse.ย  Washington National Airport has reported 13″ of snow (as of 2 PM EST), and the forecast calls for up to 12″ more.

Some pictures from the homestead:

And some good ones from around town:

Courtesy NBC4

Courtesy Prince of Petworth

Courtesy DCist Flickr Pool

Courtesy DCist Flickr Pool

Courtesy DCist Flickr Pool

And it’s still coming down!

Update: By using a ruler and a broomstick as a dipstick, we’ve got an unofficial measurement of 21″ so far – and falling just as hard as before!

Update 2: DCist is featuring this video someone took at the impromptu snowball fight at the corner of 14th and U Street NW:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Looks like fun, but evidently it had a tragic ending as police arrived and had an altercation with the crowd.



  1. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. White is pure and innocent, I love the photos here, it is absolutely beautiful.

  3. Good thing I visited from Florida LAST week to visit my parents. Nice and warm in Florida! Hi Mom!

  4. those are some great looking pics. love the snow.

  5. Damn global climate change.

    • Scientific consensus is that climate change brings not only a decline in aggregate temperature worldwide, but also an increase in erratic weather patterns. So yeah, in an overall unseasonably warm winter, it is possible that a record-breaking snowstorm with temperatures only 2 degrees below average for this time of year (29 today, below the historical average of 31) is a potential product of climate change.

      • It’s also a pretty typical coastal storm, storms we’ve been experiencing since before white men came to this continent. It’s actually a pretty typical east coast weather pattern that may or may not bring snow, but usually does bring a lot of precipitation in off the ocean.

  6. Yeah we’re snowing in NY too ๐Ÿ˜ฆ And nice pictures!!!

  7. WOW!

  8. nice pictures

  9. White is pure and innocent, I love the photos here, it is absolutely beautiful.By: jingle on December 19, 2009 at 8:50 pmReply

  10. comment

  11. Echoing above statements, wonderful photos and video.

    Awesome header image too!

  12. oh very good

  13. All because of global warming!!! Silly us!

  14. Where’s your Global Warming now, Mr. Gore?


  15. Valuable thoughts and advices. I read your topic with great interest.

  16. great pictures! we have snow near Amsterdam as well, not that much (yet). Have fun! Jw.

  17. bravo

  18. nice views

  19. Think about all that moisture in the upper atmosphere, hmmm wonder why?
    Well… what goes up, must come down, in one form or another!
    Snow I find is preferable to torrential flooding the same amount of rain would bring.
    Don’t forget… we can all continue to have our fun.

  20. I am over 40 now and seem to remeber in the past you always had this kind of weather, in fact it was as bad a sthis one year when I was there…1985 ish. Can this really be called global warming? or are they just tryingf to scare us

    • Well, it only needs to be 32 degrees to snow, so it isn’t mutually incompatible to have falling average temperatures (they’re forecasting an average rise of 1-1.5 degrees by 2020, after all) and periods where it is still cold enough to snow. Global warming denotes climate change, not an elimination of weather patterns.

  21. From California this looks like great fun – togetherness – progress toward – awareness of our unity with all life.

    I LOVE it.

  22. WOW.. MY HOME

  23. WOW! Talk about a lot of snow! I absolutely love the video of the massive snowball fight! I’m originally from Cleveland, so I can see your excitement about the huge amount of snow.

    • As a former upper Midwesterner myself, it definitely was a familiar exciting feeling!

  24. nice photos of the snowpocalypse. the northwest got it last year. it must be going thru a cycle?

    btw…i have a sensation fo wanting to eat that snow in the pics.

  25. wow!!
    it’s so amazing
    i never feel it,,

  26. love your header foto. nice…

  27. Ok, will people stop saying this is because of global warming! I’m a firm believer in global warming but I feel like every time there’s a storm or something people throw the terms “global warming” and “climate change” out there just for the hell of it.

    When it was warm for November/December in DC people said “global warming”. When the blizzard hit people are saying “global warming”. If you take both of those into consideration then sure, you can throw the term “global warming” out there, but just saying it because of one or the other is ill-informed.

    Let’s use the entire decade as a measure, not one blizzard.

    BTW, you don’t bring guns to snowball fights. Lmao. What a douche!

  28. Wow, I don’t think I had a real idea of what it’s like at home. I’m in Korea, the temp is 40 something, feels like 32 in the mornings…but the sun is shinning now. There is snow, but nothing like in D.C. I hope it clears soon. I’ve got family coming Thursday!

    (I’ve got to advertise) Check out my blog about teaching/life in Gwangju, Korea:

    Comments are def. welcomed ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. nice!I like it!

  30. Beautiful snow,expect more…

  31. Wow seems like it is a winter wonderland!

  32. I wish we had snow in San Diego!

    Kind of..

  33. wow. nice post. anyway thanks for sharing.

  34. Wow! chilling pictures.

  35. brrrrrrr, let’s get sun in Bali ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. It looks beautiful in the photos, but when it starts to melt – ugh!

  37. nice pix….. so all over the climate change according to the global warming

  38. It snowed in London on Thursday too! Howver not as much as it has over there. Bet the kids love it. The video is funny when they all start running towards each other, looks like madness!

  39. wow this is awesome as well as awful! so much snow.. we’ve got only a few inches here at the lakeside in switzerland. nowhere as much as you guys in DC. send us some please! hehe
    but at the same time it’s fantastic to look at! I love the picture of the Capitol!

  40. Wow, good photos. We did not get near that much from this storm–glad I don’t have to shovel in DC.

  41. Like your header photo and the snow photos. But I especially like the snowball fight – nice to know that people can take a few minutes to have some fun!

  42. Nice to look… I live in southern part of India… we never experience this feeling… so lucky you all are…Hmmm..

  43. I’ve never touch snow…

  44. […] winter events in less than a week for me, so I’ve heard a lot of comments (particularly on posts of snow pictures on this blog) to the effect ofย  “so much for needing an agreement on global warming in […]

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