Posted by: Jeff | December 9, 2009

Video of the Day

I’m in the middle of finals right now, so am making the attempt to funnel all of my writing toward necessary research, but I want to share this video that Ezra Klein promoted this afternoon.  I started to play it out of curiosity, and ended up hooked, watching the whole thing.

This is not only one of the most effective presentations I’ve ever watched (for someone who gave a 15 minute faux conference presentation just yesterday, it is indeed impressive), but it is also an extraordinarily unique and interesting perspective on the field of global public health.  My academic background is related somewhat to the topic of his discussion, and I’m at the end of my graduate degree program – yet this presentation made me completely reconceptualize much of my understanding about development progress in the field of public health.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Truly fascinating stuff.  Also, this obviously isn’t a PowerPoint presentation – does anybody know what software he is using?
Hat tip: Ezra Klein.


  1. I just replied on your google reader thread. But I’ll reply here too. This video had been circulating around our office a few months ago, since we’re all demographers and love fun ways to talk about data. Woo international development and demography!

  2. The first time (and second, on the thread) anyone has used the words “woo” and “demography” in the same sentence.

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